Video of the Week

Powerful Solar Storm Sets Off Amazing Northern Lights Show


This is an amazing video that was shot on January 24, 2012 in Sweden by Lights Over Lapland photographer Chad Blakley. This is an astonishing view of the northern Lights. It must be awesome to see these in person.

G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation - Official Trailer


G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation is a movie that I can’t wait to see. This movie had a big upgrade in actors from the first one, with Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis. If you ever played with G.I. Joes as a kid this movies is just for you.

Gorilla Glass - CES 2012


This glass is amazing. I have cracked the glass on an ipad 2 that I had and I tell you that I would have loved to have this new Gorilla Glass installed on my devices now.

Twisted Metal Demo - CES 2012


This is a look at the new Twisted Metal at the 2012 CES. The Twisted Metal series has been a great line of games and this new one looks to hold up that same level of greatness.

Time Warp - Water Balloon to the Face


This is a great video that takes advantage of slow motion video photography. If you have ever been hit in the face with a balloon in a water balloon fight, you might want to watch this.

OK Go's - This Too Shall Pass


This video is of one of my favorite bands, OK Go. This band is genius when it comes to music videos and viral videos. I just can't imagine when something goes wrong, setting that whole thing up again.


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