Video of the Week

Meet Windows 8


I am a big fan of Windows 7. This is a quick kind of trailer for Windows 8 and I don’t know how I feel. I just hope I like Windows 8.

Marvel Avengers Assemble(2012) Official Trailer


This is what I will believe to be the action movie of the year. This is not the first Avengers trailer I have seen so far, but it is by far the best yet.

Retro Gaming Goodies


This is an interesting concept that we talked about in our first podcast. I don’t know if this catches on when it comes to actual physical cartridges, but releasing retro games for your portable device might.

Breathable Caffeine?! OMG!


Are you addicted to caffeine, but you don’t want to drink it? Well there is a new kind of caffeine solution out there, Breathable Caffeine. Enjoy!

Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back Teaser


This is an incredible teaser trailer for the new Mass Effect 3 Video Game. It is short and doesn’t show much, but it is very powerful and makes me want to play the game now.

iPad 3 News: May Get a March Release


There are tons of rumors about the new iPad3 of when it might come out. Slate News Technology reports on some of the rumors in this short video.


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