Video of the Week

Take professional photos with your phone in 3 easy steps!


Turn your smart phone into a professional camera with these simple directions. It's great for taking photos of small items that you might sell on Ebay or Etsy... even Craiglist. But you could apply this technique to larger subjects as well by using a TV instead of a computer monitor.

7 BANNED Foods


Seven banned foods from around the world!

Awesome Custom Consoles and MORE!!


Game LÜT #23

Is A Tagged Instagram More Than Just A Photo?


Sure, Instagram is pretty awesome, but it's even more #INTERESTING than you think! The hashtag, so simple and ubiquitous, raises the image from mere photo to a new complex entity. An extension of the social media aspect of the Instagram app, the hashtag enhances searchability and allows connection to a variety of communities. Some tags can definitely be redundant or even useless, but the right ones can add context, greater meaning to the picture, and chronicle our changing relationship to Photography!!!

Han ALWAYS Shoots First


Han Solo is one smuggler who isn't afraid to shoot first and ask questions later (and then shoot some more).

Parrot MiniDrones


Enter the world of Parrot MiniDrones, the new generation of connected robots.


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